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PowerAttack is an innovative idea to move loads.


With a mere 50 kg/ 110 lbs dead weight PowerAttack is a midget compared to the loads it can push and pull. And it is easily transported in a van compared to a forklift- truck which needs a truck and/ or trailer not to mention the investment.
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In addition, find below some more applications.


Some good news however, we have not had a chance to use the powerattack on a second job but the results from the first job were successful enough to determine that we would like to purchase the PowerAttack unit.
The US Government facility we were working at were super impressed with our riggers, but more impressed with your product.
Quite honestly, I don't know how we ever did without it all these years!!

Brad Bilodeau, Imperatore Steel Erectors, Imperatore Crane & Rigging, Cranston, RI 02921



Hi Klaus, It’s been a long time. Hope all is going well. I would like to purchase another PowerAttack. We have used the first one intensively and we are finding more uses for it every day. We need a second one as we are taking on more jobs with power cat and we need to work on different jobs simultaneously. I would appreciate if you could give me a price for a brand new PowerAttack, we would prefer the electrically operated PowerAttack and not the battery operated one. Thanks & Regards
Kieve Pinto, Al Faris Crane Rental, Dubai, U.A.E.



PowerAttack has proven itself time and time again, each new client is amazed to see it in action as they all look at it and wonder how does such a small device do the job so proficiently . I always answer clever German technology, .......and then again it makes for no competition
Comment of John March, Owner of JPM Cranes Pty. Ltd, Sydney, Australia



Our wired and battery operated PowerAttack material movers work quite well and represent a good idea, made better by German engineering and quality. We have owned 5 different versions of similar tools and yours ( PowerAttack) are simply the best value.
George Young, President of George Young Group, Philadelphia, PA, USA



Sorry to hear about the name issue. Some people think they own the world but little do they know that complacency and false pride can also be their bane. Anyway, I think the world will appreciate how efficient your invention is no matter whether its name is PowerCat or PowerAttack.
I will send you some pics of power attack in action when we start on some big project. Many thanks for your support and all your help.
Many thanks and regards

Peter Thomas Carri ¦Customer Service/ Special Projects Manager, DGL (DGL CLEARING AND FORWADING CO)
Salam Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE¦ Karama Street, Dubai, UAE ¦Wellingdon Island, Cochin, India



We have already used the PowerAttack for moving and setting two pieces of equipment. It has worked great each time.
Thank you again,

Phillip Pruett, Alliance Riggers & Constructors, Ltd., 1200 Kastrin St., El Paso, TX 79907, USA



"As I expressed to you we are extremely impressed with the PowerAttack concept and to date has proven a great success in all we have attempted with it. I firmly believe in due course it will become a much sought after alternative to some of our current systems, As we said innovation can take a while to become the normal, but we are looking forward to the challenge."
John March, Australia

Watch the movie on the right side.



A 6 to Vault is moved by PowerAttack in a bank office.
Picture courtesy of Dietmar Kellner from Hofmann/Paderborn.




Move-out of a 12 to injection moulding machine by Hofmann/Paderborn.






Jamie Schinck of Process Group Toronto/Canada submits this pic moving an old furnace with 7,5 to.





"I had the PowerAttack on the jobsite for the weekend, it was a lifesaver for the guys. We moved about 8 pcs of chiller equipment between 10,000 and 18,000 lbs. around on the 19th floor and it made short work. The only problem was traction on the smooth epoxy coated floor."

Jamie Schinck, PROCESS GROUP INC. Mississauga, Canada



“We just finished a very sensitive relocation for a blood bank company in Johannesburg. The move involved moving the 2 stem cell storage tanks with the live cells intact. Any undue bumping of the vessels would result in the loss of the cells completely. We chose to use our PowerAttack system to move the tanks from the offloading point to their final position in the new facility. I am pleased to say that the PowerAttack was the perfect machine for the job and performed very well. If we did not have a PowerAttack system we would have been very reluctant to take on this job in that the risk of loosing the cells from bad handling was extremely high. The PowerAttacks are a new tool to our company, and I am very confident that they will become an every day necessity to our rigging and installation crews.”

Bryan Hodgkinson, Managing Director VANGUARD, Johannesburg, South Africa


3 PowerAttacks pull a 75 to condenser. 3 PowerAttacks pull a 75 to condenser.
2 PowerAttacks move a machine with 30 tons 2 PowerAttacks move a machine with 30 tons.
PowerAttack moves a Container with 15 tons PowerAttack moves a Container with 15 tons.
Praxisbeispiel 1 Attach the „toe“ of PowerAttack instead of the towbar to the set of skates.
Praxisbeispiel 2 For pushing, simply unscrew the bolt from the „toe“.
The last prototype pushing a measuring plate with 16 tons. The last prototype pushing a measuring plate with 16 tons.
PowerAttack moving a machining centre with 18 tons.
PowerAttack moving a machining centre with 18 tons.
One man moves with ease a machine with 18 tons. One man moves with ease a machine with 18 tons.
Moving of a industrial washing machine with 6 tons. Moving of a industrial washing machine with 6 tons.
Praxisbeispiel 7 PowerAttack moving a 15 to furnace in a confined basement at EADS.


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