PowerAttack is an innovative idea to move loads


After more than 34 years in the crane and rigging industry as a managing director I came across a great number of challenges over the years. In this period the industry has developed tremendously which resulted in always bigger cranes, gantries and other equipment and it was most rewarding to see that sometimes my input helped create a new type of crane or machine or at least improve it. In the smaller rigging category machines are predominantly handled by manpower, hydraulic jacks, skates and forklift- trucks. But there are job- sites and limitations where these forklift- trucks cannot work and restrictions apply be it weight, space, availability or others.


That is why I developed PowerAttack.


The objective was to have a simple, versatile, efficient and small “tool” to push and pull up to 25 to/ 55 000 lbs and this tool should be attachable to a set of skates. Instead of the towbar and the forklift- truck, heavy chain- hoists or “come- alongs” you simply attach PowerAttack to your set of skates.


Numerous designs and tests were done and many prototypes have been built but also discarded. The present MTC 25 has undergone more than 3 years of rigorous in- the- field- testing by professional riggers and even then we found items which needed improvement. Finally approved, it is now available for sale.


I am so convinced of the design and craftsmanship of PowerAttack that I grant a 24- months warranty


Klaus J. Scholpp